Understanding Excessive Barking in Dogs: A Journey of Canine Communication and Leadership

Thursday, February 01, 2024

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Barking is an important aspect of dog communication, but excessive barking can become a nuisance for both the owner and the neighbors. However, to understand why dogs bark so much, it is essential to look at barking from a perspective of dog-to-human communication.

While dogs communicate through a range of methods, including body language, growling, whining, barking is primarily used to communicate with humans. Dogs did not evolve to bark to communicate with other dogs. In fact, in the wild, barking is not a natural way of wolf communication. Wolves use body language and growling to communicate within their pack. However, domesticated dogs have developed barking mainly as a way of vocalizing to their human companions.

Barking can mean many things, including warning, aggression, playfulness, or a desire for attention. Dogs can also bark to alert their owners of something, such as an impending threat or intruder. However, dogs that bark excessively may have underlying behavioral issues that need to be addressed.

it's essential to remember that dogs do not have the same understanding of the world as we do. Wolves, their wild cousins, have only a few potential threats, such as other wolf packs or bears, which means avoiding a problem is relatively simple. But for domesticated dogs, potential dangers are innumerable and impossible to decipher, making the world a pressure cooker for them. Yet they are responsible for defending their pack, which in this case is their owners and their family members.

They have three responses to danger: Flight, Freeze & Fight, in that order. The best option is always to flee, but they are unable to do so if they are on a leash. This makes them feel more vulnerable, which prompts them to respond aggressively to perceived threats as they feel like they need to protect their home – their fort.

Consulting a Canine Communication Specialist is the best way for dog owners to manage excessive barking and develop responsible pet ownership and create a positive environment in which their dogs are willing to respond. They will teach owners how to be a strong leader and set clear expectations while providing protocols to encourage calm behavior. With consistent leadership, owners can provide their pets with the structure they need to thrive.

In addition, Specialists will show owners the importance of developing trust and respect with their dog. This is done by understanding how their words and actions are interpreted by the dog, and presenting them in a way that is both assertive and respectful. When done properly, this helps build a strong bond between owner and pet, creating a mutually beneficial relationship.

By focusing on clear communication as well as building trust, an owner can create long-term changes in their pet's behavior while strengthening their bond with each other.

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