The Renaissance of Pure Love: Communicate With Your Dog Through Feeding Rituals

Friday, February 02, 2024

The Premier Blog On Canine-Human Interaction/The Renaissance of Pure Love: Communicate With Your Dog Through Feeding Rituals

When it comes to connecting with your beloved canine companion, there's no better way than by understanding how they communicate. Dogs are social animals and use communication to relate and understand the world around them. One important way of communicating is through their feeding rituals.

Feeding provides security for dogs as it nourishes them and reinforces their place in the pack hierarchy. It is a sign that someone is taking care of them and providing for their needs. Without even realising, many of us make mistakes in dealing with food issues. When it comes to feeding your dog, remember that as the leader you are in charge of when, what and how they eat. If your dog does not eat its food immediately and leaves it for later on, then you have inadvertently handed over control of the food source to them.

Make sure that when it’s time to eat, you decide when it happens and if the food isn’t eaten straight away then take the bowl away. If your dog eats a little then walks away take the bowl away; this way they will learn that there are limited occasions where they can eat. While your dog may prefer one flavour or another, no animal will starve themselves just because they don't get their preferred meal - survival is every living being's first priority.

If your dog attempts to protect its food by growling when you try to take it away, then maybe avoid taking their food away altogether. In nature, subordinate members of the group always eat after the alpha - so by controlling the food source your dog will learn their place in the pack hierarchy. Taking their food away can give them signals that do not reflect reality as generally dogs who attempt to take food away are actually lower down in ranking than those who are eating!

​Be aware about sending messages unintentionally in order for everyone involved to remain happy and secure.

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With countless championship titles under my belt, I retired from the show world as a judge and started teaching students worldwide the art of dog care. Today, my focus is on providing dog parents like you with all the necessary information on how to forge a beautiful, loving bond based on trust and understanding with your companions.

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