Black Dog Syndrome: Uncovering Strength & Courage in the Shadows

Thursday, February 01, 2024

The Premier Blog On Canine-Human Interaction/Black Dog Syndrome: Uncovering Strength & Courage in the Shadows

Black Dog Syndrome is a heartbreaking phenomenon seen in animal shelters and rescue centers, where black dogs are often victimized by superstition and misconception. This has led to the belief that they are more aggressive or scary, which is far from the truth.

The reasons why Black Dogs are more likely to be abandoned and left without homes is a complex issue which can often be attributed to superstition, fear or misunderstanding. Historically, many cultures have erroneously linked black animals to darkness and all that is evil or associated with bad luck, something which has been perpetuated through folklore and stories throughout history.

Have you heard of the story of Faust? It is a classic tale of tragedy, but underneath its surface lies an interesting parallel: the figure of the black poodle that follows him into his study symbolizes his shadow — those aspects of himself that have not been given conscious acknowledgement. This same analogy could be said for many black dogs in shelters; too often their strength and courage can be overlooked in favor of our own insecurity and fear. But these animals are full of potential, and tapping into it can lead to amazing self-discoveries.

It's no surprise. Black Dogs carry with them immense wisdom and strong responsibility which can be felt while interacting with them and can trigger instinctive fears in people - whether those feelings are conscious or not.

However, the purpose of such strength and courage tends to be overlooked in favor of viewing Black Dogs as dangerous or scary. Through Order of Harmony™, we are now able to access this powerful presence while uniting both light and dark energies simultaneously. Once explored through our constellation work, we uncover a deeper understanding of the unique strength that these animals bring to us in order to embrace their true essence – courage and faith through difficulty.

As caretakers of these special creatures, it is our duty to help them transition into their new journey filled with peace and harmony. It is our job to create a safe space for them to feel comfortable and explore the depths of their soul. We mustn't forget about those around us who may hesitate out of fear or misunderstanding; just as much as it is our mission to help the souls of Black Dogs move forward during this time, it is also our responsibility to use our knowledge for good by educating others on respecting all beings regardless of color or size.

​By doing this, we can start to bridge the gap between light and dark and allow ourselves to learn more about the nature of universal love, acceptance, and connection. In return, we are given a deeper understanding of unconditional love that will stay with us long after Black Dogs have left this world. So let us embrace our light and dark energies in order to serve these majestic souls who trust us with their journey together we can help them take the next steps toward life's eternal cycle of rebirth.

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Hi, I Am Sasha Riess

Founder Of Pure Love & Harmony

My journey with dogs began at a very young age, seeking comfort and solace from them when I didn't fit in with my peers and, like many of you, may have felt rejected by my family. I channeled those negative emotions into learning about dogs and began showing and grooming professionally at the age of 16.

With countless championship titles under my belt, I retired from the show world as a judge and started teaching students worldwide the art of dog care. Today, my focus is on providing dog parents like you with all the necessary information on how to forge a beautiful, loving bond based on trust and understanding with your companions.

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