Creating A Bond Of Pure Love And Harmony With Your Dog

Embracing the Spirit of the Free Mind: A Journey to Pure Love & Harmony Institute

PLH Wellness Formula: Elevating Doggy Parenthood

Embracing Compassion: Providing Dogs a Peaceful and Dignified End

The Renaissance of Pure Love: Communicate With Your Dog Through Feeding Rituals

Decoding Canine Fears: Navigating Your Dog's Phobias

Understanding Your Dog's Perspective on Pulling the Leash

Stress and Cancer in Dogs: A Scientific Perspective

Understanding How Stress Impacts Dog Health

Is Your Dog Suffering in Silence? How to Identify and Manage Stress in Your Dog.

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Hi, I Am Sasha Riess

Human-Canine Interaction Expert

The story of my life is one of searching for a world of limitless freedom and boundless love. As a teenager, I found that world in the unbreakable bond between dogs and humans. Since then, I have dedicated my life to uncovering that relationship elements needed to create understanding and communication between people and dogs. Like any relationship, you and your dog are on a journey. I hope I may help you along your way.

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