Introducing Sasha Riess: Your Premier Guide to Professional Dog Care

With Over 30 Years of Experience, Sasha Riess Offers Unmatched Expertise for Your Learning Journey

With over 30 years in the dog care industry, Sasha Riess began as a groomer, handler, and judge in Europe. In 1997, he pioneered Serbia's first grooming academy, foreseeing the industry's rise. Now based in Arlington, TX Sasha advocates for canine wellness, emphasizing communication, nutrition, skin & coat care in his teachings.

Pioneering in Dog Care Education Since 1997

Shaping Future Leaders in the Global Dog Care Industry

Established in Novi Sad, Serbia, Sasha Riess Academy became Southeast Europe's first post-secondary institution dedicated to dog care. Our vision revolutionized the industry, offering students unparalleled opportunities to master a trade poised for global impact.

Elevate Your Dog Care Expertise with Sasha Riess

Beyond Technical Skills: A Holistic Approach to Canine Care

At Pure Love & Harmony, we believe in the transformative power of education. Beyond technical skills, our curriculum fosters a profound understanding of dog behavior and cultivates strong client relationships.

Through a holistic approach integrating communication, nutrition, skin and coat care, our goal is to provide comprehensive solutions that meet all of our clients' canine care needs under one roof.

Ignite Your Passion and Let Your Expertise Shine

Elevate Your Path to Success with Sasha's Inspirational Mentorship

​Discover a mentor whose passion illuminates every stage. Sasha's dynamic presence and proven expertise make him the perfect guide for your journey. Whether you aspire to personal growth, professional achievement, or mastery in the art of dog care, Sasha's captivating wisdom will ignite your passion and propel you toward success. Join us and experience the transformative power of Sasha's inspirational leadership.