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Dear Doggie Mom,

I know you're busy, so I'll get right to the point.

I see so many dog owners struggling with frustrating behaviors like leash pulling, paw licking, excessive barking or aggression. It's frustrating to see because I know that these are very simple things to correct.

I'm putting together a masterclass to show doggie moms just like you the easiest and quickest ways to fix these problems.

But I don't know which topics are the most important to cover.

Are you most concerned with your dog's health issues - vomiting, bad breath, or excessive paw licking? 

Does your dog exhibit anxious, fearful, or even obsessive behaviors? 

Or, are you sick and tired of your dog pulling on the leash, barking all the time, or even jumping up on humans? 

You see, I've worked directly with dogs (and their humans) for over 35 years and I've got a lot of knowledge. But I don't want to bore you with things that are not urgent or important.

So, I'm asking for your input.

In exchange for your input to create this inaugural masterclass, I will provide you with a FREE ticket to attend. The class will be live with detailed demonstrations (and miraculous transformations) of dogs in real time.

This is the ONLY time that I will offer the course for free in exchange for input.  

Just let me know what YOU want me to cover (deadline for submissions is March 8th) and we'll put together the class that has the highest interest for everyone involved. 

​Thank you in advance for your input. Can't wait to see you in the class!


​Sasha Riess

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