Meet Sasha Riess
​Human-Canine Interaction Expert

The Story of Pure Love & Harmony

For over 30 years, Sasha Riess, the visionary behind Pure Love and Harmony, has dedicated himself to transforming dog care through an empathic and holistic approach.

Sasha focuses on the essential connection between communication, nutrition, and coat care to promote positive behaviors, lasting wellness, and captivating beauty.

At Pure Love and Harmony, we recognize the profound bond between dogs and humans. In line with this understanding, our mission is to provide education and purposeful products that strengthen this bond, alleviating anxiety and confusion for both dogs and their human companions.

We firmly believe that transforming the dog care paradigm can put an end to suffering for both dogs and humans and eliminate the cycle of abandonment and euthanasia that plagues countless innocent dogs. Through our guiding principles of Harmonic Bonding, we actively nurture the symbiotic relationships between humans and the planet.

With relentless commitment, Sasha and his Pure Love and Harmony team strive to make a positive impact in the world, one dog family at a time.