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Do You Love And Adore Your Dog

But Feel That You Don't Understand Them? 


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We help Doggie Moms and Dads to connect and communicate with their pets on a much deeper level so that they can eliminate bad behaviors and maintain their canines in optimal mental and physical health.   

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​Every week we bring you the latest science on dog behavior, health, and psychology. Then, we break it down and show you exactly how to apply it  so BOTH you and your pet can live in Pure Love and Harmony. 

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Sasha Riess

Human-Canine Interaction Expert

With a wealth of experience and expertise in the field, Sasha is known for his deep understanding of the bond between humans and dogs. His journey began with a passion for dogs that led him to become a master show dog handler, groomer, judge, and educator over the past three decades.

Sasha's commitment to promoting holistic dog care through integrating communication, nutrition, and coat care sets him apart in the industry. Through his extensive knowledge and dedication, Sasha empowers dog parents to provide the best care for their furry companions, fostering healthier and happier relationships.

Get To Know Sasha Better

Human-Canine Interaction Expert With Over 35 Years Of Experience



By Restoring The Human-Canine Connection, You Can Harmoniously And Permanently Resolve Your Dog's Behavior Issues


Does This Sound Like You?

You are a "dog person" to the core! You love your dog almost as much as you would a child (maybe even more). But you also recognize that there are some things that your dog does that drive you crazy!
​For example:

  • Do you long to take your dog with you to public places like restaurants or parks, but you don't know if you can trust them to behave?​
  • Are you frustrated that you've tried different methods to get your dog to behave better on a leash, but nothing has quite worked?
  • ​Do you notice that your dog sometimes acts out of fear or anxiety... even to minor things such as loud noises or small children?
  • ​Do you attempt to explain away your dog's behavior by stating that it's their breed, past traumas, or gender that makes them act that way?
  • Do you constantly have to apologize because your dog jumps up on your houseguests or won't stop barking (or even growling)? 
  • ​And finally, do you wish you had one of those "good dogs" that walks easily by your side even without a leash and just seems totally at ease no matter where you two are? 

Behavior Issues Can Be Tough! Don't Go It Alone!

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What People Are Saying About Sasha...


"Sasha has helped me understand my spiritual journey with these dogs and he is absolutely right. I'm completely amazed by his insight and teachings. I can't wait for the next video each week."

Arrow the Poodle Groomer, Australia 


"Sasha clearly has a passion for what he does, it's a calling to him as opposed to a job!"

Chris Everet, IA


"You might enjoy a fresh insightful perspective on dogs. I have huuuuuge respect for this person as he lives from the heart first, not the wallet."

Birgit Schonberger , CA


PLH with Sasha Riess 

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Embark on an Epic Canine Odyssey!  Discover the Secrets of Man's Best Friend with Sasha Riess as Your Guide.  Join us as we delve into the Uncharted Territory of Doggy Wisdom, Pioneering a New Frontier of Understanding and Connection with Our Furry Companions.  Get Ready to Dive into the Depths of Doggy Behavior, Psychology, and Ancient Canine Secrets. 

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Episode 13- Unveiling Canine Energy: Navigating Emotions, Humanization, and Family Constellations
Discover how to deepen your bond and enhance your dog's well-being. Learn about the impact of humanization and how to respect your dog's natural essence.  Listen To More

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Episode 12- Unveiling Canine Happiness: The Role of Rituals, Leadership, and Compassion
Discover the true keys to canine happiness in our latest episode! Say goodbye to misconceptions about hyperactivity and learn how to reduce stress through meaningful rituals. Gain insights into fostering respect and dignity in your furry friend and be prepared to be the best dog parent you can be.   Listen To More

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Episode 11- Exploring how our dogs play a crucial role in uncovering emotional truths
Get ready for an emotional journey in our latest episode I'll be sharing my personal story of resilience and the profound bond between dogs and humans. Learn how my dogs became my lifeline during my darkest moments and discover the unique perspective I gained from my experience in veterinary medicine. Listen To More

For those who are serious about growing their connection with their dogs

Products That Transform The Behavior And Well-Being Of Your Dog

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Canine Communication Cards

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These "Cheat" Cards Will Help You:

  • ​Recognize The Top 5 Mistakes That Most Well-Meaning Pet Owners Make... And How It's Killing Your Relationship With Your Dog
  • Learn The Three Basic Things You MUST Understand About Dog Psychology To Be Able To Communicate Well With Your Pet
  • ​Stop Relying On Words To Communicate And Start "Talking" In A Way Your Dog Recognizes... And Respects

   No More Guessing - Optimize Your Dog's Health and Happiness


The Canine Harmony Wellness Test is a comprehensive assessment designed to evaluate the overall well-being and balance of dogs.

It combines Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) with Human-Canine Dynamics Evaluation™ (HCDE™) to provide comprehensive insights into the physiological and behavioral aspects of canine health. In addition to analyzing mineral levels and ratios, the test also examines how our interaction with dogs affects their physiology and well-being.

​By considering both physiological and interpersonal factors, the Canine Harmony Wellness Test offers a holistic approach to understanding and promoting the health and happiness of our canine companions.

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Doggie Parent Academy

Take a 4-Week Deep Dive Into High-Level Canine Communication Skills Designed To Strengthen Your Bond And Eliminate Harmful Habits And Behaviors

Inside this training, you will discover how to:

  • Transform Your Relationship With Your Dog Into An Unbreakable, Harmonious Bond 
  • ​Interpret Your Dog's Most Puzzling Behaviors - And Figure Out What They're Trying To Tell You!
  • ​Easily Solve Major Issues Like Separation Anxiety, Phobias, Leash Pulling, Jumping Up On People, And More!!! 
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Sasha's Latest Book:
​About Dogs and Awakening

When you go to a dog behaviorist or trainer, you expect them to work on the dog. In this book, Sasha invites you to turn that around and look at yourself. Your dog and you are in a relationship. Are you unknowingly damaging that relationship? Or, making it as strong as possible? 

Inside this book, you will discover:

  • Why Your Dog Is In Your Life (And It's Not For The Reasons You Think!) 
  • ​How To Know If Your Own Emotions Are Affecting Your Dog
  • ​Why Your Is Always Pointing You Towards Healing And Growth (Even If You Think Everything is Fine) 


Creating A Bond Of Pure Love and Harmony With Your Dog

Is Your Dog Suffering in Silence? How to Identify and Manage Stress in Your Dog.

Thursday, February 01, 2024

Unlocking Canine Communication to Tackle Destructive Chewing

Thursday, February 01, 2024

Understanding Excessive Barking in Dogs: A Journey of Canine Communication and Leadership

Thursday, February 01, 2024

Understanding and Addressing Inappropriate Elimination Trough Canine Communication

Thursday, February 01, 2024

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​Every week we bring you the latest science on dog behavior, health, and psychology. Then, we break it down and show you exactly how to apply it  so BOTH you and your pet can live in Pure Love and Harmony.